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Sean Keller

Sean is a filmmaker whose work ranges from directing commercials to producing Broadway albums. He has a mind palace worth of knowledge in film, tv, music and pop culture. Want to know the name of the shark from Jaws?  Curious why Viggo Mortensen screamed with such passion when he kicks a helmet in The Two Towers? Sean knows these things. And the answers are — Bruce; and in that take he broke his toe. 


In addition to his bar trivia knowledge, Sean has produced, written and directed commercial spots for brands like Sony, HP, Post Foods, and Hill’s Science Diet. He considers himself to be a jack-of-all trades as he often also edits and shoots most his work. He teamed up with Riot Games to direct a series of branded content videos that recreate weapons from the League of Legends games in a working blacksmith forge. Most recently Sean co-produced the albums for The Music Man  starring Hugh Jackman and Funny Girl starring Lea Michelle. In addition to producing the albums, Sean directed the behind the scenes promo content and led content creation on marketing assets. Currently he’s writing a feature and is developing an original horror musical film.

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